On 6 December 2023, we held our annual Ken Hitch Trophy PDI competition, with two colour and two mono images submitted. The colour theme was “Transport” and the mono theme was “Buildings – light and shade”. In a closely-fought competition judged by Jim Bennett, the results were as follows:

First Place: Roger Newark with a total aggregate score of 76 points

Second Place: Hedley Wright with 75 points

Equal third: Glynis Pierson (with two maximum 20 scores in the mono section), John Amas and Ryan Bailey, all with with74 points.

Full scores for all images are available on PhotoEntry as always.

The images scoring a maximum 20 points were:

“Early Morning Start” by John Hunting, “Lysander, Northern France, 1944” by Roger Newark, “One horsepower” by John Amas, “Trinity Street bicycles” and “St. Johns, Cambridge” by Hedley Wright, “Misty turret shadows” and The Cloisters” by Glynis Pierson.

Those images are shown below: