Advanced Photography Group, February 2021

John Harvey will be running this months APG as usual, and one of his topics this month will be famous photographers that members may like to investigate.  John has compiled a list of famous names which are available on the Help Page or by clicking here, so please have a look at their work if you are interested. The views of these photographers are their own, and may not necessarily represent those of the club.

Ken Hitch Trophy competition results 2021

EPC held its annual Ken Hitch Trophy competition on Wednesday 27 January 2021, and the themes for this year were “Water” for the colour section and “People” for the mono section. Two entries were required in each section, and the event was well supported with 18 members submitting entries. Therefore 72 images in total were critiqued and scored by Nick Akers. Congratulations to Kevin Pigney for scoring 78 points out of 80, and winning the competition!

Kevin’s winning images can be viewed below: read more

Ken Hitch Trophy

On Wednesday 27 January we have this years Ken Hitch Trophy competition. You may enter two colour and two mono images, and the themes this year are “Water” for the colour section and “People” for the mono section. The competition will be judged by Nick Akers. The first half of the evening will be used to judge the colour entries, with the mono images being judged in the second half.  All entries will be scored out of 20 as usual, with the highest aggregate score out of 80 being declared the winner. (Images from previous competitions may be entered if they scored 17 or less). read more

“The Art of Metamorphosis” presentation by Andrea Hargreaves

Andrea’s presentation to the Royal Photographic Society on “the Art of Metamorphosis” was held via Zoom on Saturday 16 January and attracted an audience of around 300 photographers from all over the world, (including some from EPC!)

Andrea showcased the workflow she uses to produce  some of her sensational and award-winning composite art fantasy images, and her talk was inspirational.  To view some of Andrea’s work, please visit