On Wednesday 23 November 2022 we held our first pdi competition of the season, and the large entry of 74 images were judged by Daphne Hanson. Thanks to Daphne for stepping in to cover the judging for us on the evening.

A number of images scored a maximum 20points, as follows:

“East Coast sunset” by Viv Houghton
“Early morning gallop – Charle Fellows Racing” by Kim Jones
“Konik Pony” by John Wilson
“Canoe slalom – Team GB early morning training” by Kim Jones
“Beautiful Demoiselle” by Ryan Bailey
“Feeding Oystercatcher” by Chris Cross
“Spaniel studio portrait” by Kevin Pigney
“Lynn Nantlle” by Glynis Pierson
“Sedge Warbler singing to attract female” by Nick Bowman
“Crested tit on lichen branch” by Keith Gypps

Well done to the authors of those images for getting a top score!

Their images are shown below: