On Wednesday 22 November 2023 we held our first PDI competition of this season, and 58 images were judged by Nick Akers.

The following images scored a maximum of 20 points:

“Black-necked Grebe” by Bruce Liggitt, “Straight to the Point” by Ryan Bailey, and “Female Stonechat” by John Wilson.

The following images scored 19/20:

“Upper Gushing Falls” by Nigel Lucas, “Through the Mist” by Glynis Pierson, “Little Owl Portrait” by Kevin Pigney, “View to Battersea” by Roger Newark, “Olivia” by Chris Cross, “Steam Whistles” by Phil Lenney, and “To the Underground” by John Amas.

The highest-scoring images are shown below:

All of the entries and their scores can be viewed on PhotoEntry in the usual way.