Due to the Covid pandemic, in lieu of the print competitions that we normally hold each season, we are running a further series of pdi competitions this year. The first of these was held on Wednesday 10 February 2021, and 40 Colour and 21 Mono images were judged by Jim Bennett. All images will count towards this second league of the season.

The results of the Colour section were as follows:

First Place: “Dewed Lady” by Ryan Bailey

Second Place: “Great Spotted Woodpecker” by John Harvey

Third Place: “2020” by Gary Mills

Highly Commended: “Gannets eye contact” by Bruce Liggitt, “Try a thirtieth of a second, he said..” by Kim Jones, “Concentrating” by Vanessa Wheeler, and “Gone Fishing” by Phil Lenney

Commended: “Thornham coal barn and boat” by John Harvey, “Cheers!” by Shirley Eastwood, “Short Eared Owl” by Kevin Pigney, and “Green woodpecker peek-a-boo” by Nick Bowman

To view a list of all entries and their scores in the colour section, please Click here

The results of the Mono section were:

First Place: “Turnstone trio” by Kevin Pigney

Second Place: “A handsome highlander” by Sharon Powell

Third Place: “Catching some air” by Kim Jones

Highly Commended: “Grebe with chicks” by Richard Whitmore

Commended: “Konik pony” by John Harvey and “U.S. Airman” by Shirley Eastwood

To view a list of all entries and their scores in the mono section, please Click here

To see the current league scores please visit the PhotoEntry website