On Wednesday 12 May 2021 we held our final post-Christmas pdi competition, and 38 colour and 19 mono images were judged by Paul Radden. All images and the final league scores for this series of competitions are now available on the PhotoEntry website as usual.

Results for the evenings competition were as follows:

Colour Section

First Place – “Flying the Flag” by Kim Jones

Second Place – “Moonrise at sunset” by Kevin Williams

Third Place – “Daffodil denizen” by Ryan Bailey

Highly Commended – “Sid n Ethel” by Kevin Pigney, “Marsh Harrier with nesting material” by Nick Bowman, and “Northern Gannets fighting” by John Harvey

Mono Section

First Place – “Who’s that Girl” by Kevin Williams

Second Place – “Windswept” by Sharon Powell

Third Place – “Lion at night by Bruce Liggitt

Highly Commended – “A tactical reflection” by Ryan Bailey and “Tower Bridge” by John Harvey