Our third print competition of the year was held on 5 February 2020 and a very large number of entries (40 colour and 32 mono images) were judged by Clive Harward.

In the colour section of the competition, the results were as follows:-

First place – John Harvey for “Crested tit”

Second place – James Billings for “Otertinden”

Third place – Kevin Pigney for “Short eared owl”

Highly Commended – Gary Mills for “Autumn bank vole”, Dave Hawkins for “Extreme sailboarding”, Nick Bowman for “Green woodpecker” and “Great spotted woodpecker”, and John Harvey for “Pheasant in morning light”.

Commended – Kevin Pigney for “Bee collecting nectar”

For a full list of results, please Click Here

In the Mono section, the results were:-

First place – Bruce Liggitt for “Rainforest Grandmother”

Second place – Nick Bowman for “The chase is on”

Third place – Kevin Pigney for “Mountain hare descent”

Highly Commended – Dave Hawkins for “Godrevy Lighthouse”, Kevin Pigney for “Jada”, Nick Bowman for “Red deer stag”, and Bruce Liggitt for “Pod of hippos”.

Commended – Andy Leggat for “Hairy bull”, Shirley Eastwood for “The good neighbour”, and Harry Hodgkin for “Bath time”.

For a full list of results, please Click Here