On Wednesday 8 November 2023 we held our second print competition of the season when 42 colour and 17 mono prints were judged by Clive Harward.

Colour section

Prints that scored a maximum 20 points in the Colour section were as follows:

“Brown Hare” by Bruce Liggitt, “Little Grebe” and “Shoveler” both by Nick Bowman, and “The Magic of Autumn” by Sharon Powell.

Prints scoring 19/20 were:

“Brown Hare” by Kevin Pigney, “Grace” by Roger Newark, “Nuthatch” by Ray Watson, and “Waxwing diving for berries” by new member John Millard.

Mono Section

In the mono section, the following prints scored a maximum of 20 points:

“Faculty of Law” by John Harvey, “Friends” by Kevin Pigney, and “one of the Few” by Roger Newark.

Prints scoring 19/20 were:

“Science Museum detail, Valencia” by Maurice Wright, and “The Guardian of the Boatyard” by Martin Smith.

To see all of the competition entries and their scores, please log in to PhotoEntry in the usual way